Premium Website

4-6 Week Process

A good looking website is just the starting point, where as a well-designed website includes so much more. I design your website to reflect your unique brand and business. I ensure your website is easy to navigate, the content is easy to digest and everything functions as it should. If the list below doesn’t include something you need, get in touch and we can customise the package to suit you and your business. Included website features:

  • Platform: Rocketspark or Squarespace
  • Amazing custom responsive design (your website will look great on all devices!)
  • 5 web pages
  • Coming Soon page
  • Gallery and/or Blog
  • E-commerce store with up to 15 products preloaded and categories
  • SEO site titles and meta descriptions
  • Connect to Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Sign up/contact/quote forms
  • Social Media links
  • Instagram Feed
  • Google Map location
  • Custom CSS
  • Newsletter integration
  • PDF editing guide + 2 hour in-person training session

Single Page Website

2-3 Week Process

It’s so important to have an online presence, because the first thing a potential client will do – is Google you! A one page website is a great way to get started if you have limited resources. As your business grows, so can your website. Included website features:

  • Platform: Rocketspark or Squarespace
  • Amazing custom responsive design (website will look great on all devices!)
  • 1 web page
  • SEO site title and meta description
  • Connect to Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Sign up/contact/quote forms
  • Social Media links
  • Instagram Feed
  • Google Map location
  • Custom CSS
  • Newsletter integration
  • PDF editing guide + 2 hour in-person training session

Website FAQ's

I’ve created a few starter packages (above) to give you an idea of cost and website features you may be interested in. But I will always discuss your website with you so I can provide a tailored estimate for you. Keep in mind, the cost varies greatly depending on the platform we use and the scope of the project. My websites are built so they can grow. If you begin with a ‘single page’ website I can expand your website without having to start from scratch.

Planning is key! We will catch up in person (or over the phone) and nut out what you want from your website.

I’ll send you a detailed proposal of the website and an estimate of cost. If / once you accept, we can get started!

We’ll go through my website questionnaire, which will result in a design brief for me. You’ll receive a custom design proof which includes a full colour mockup of the homepage (plus 1 extra page), a sitemap* and the remaining pages as wireframes**.  It’s much quicker to make changes to a design proof rather than a built website. 

My cost estimate allows for 2 x rounds of revisions, (obviously more are ok – but they may include extra charges).

*Sitemap: A list of each web page to show hierarchy.
**Wireframe: A basic sketch/outline of the structure of each web pages content and functionality.

There are many fantastic CMS* options available, but the problem with most of them is the learning curve required to use them is significant.

That leads to website owners never attempting to learn and manage their website for fear of messing something up. I use WordPress and Squarespace because it gives my clients peace of mind that using and updating content on their website will be an easy and streamlined experience. 

We’ll go over your options and I’ll give you a recommendation based on your project needs.

*CMS: A CMS (Content Management System) is a platform to build a website on. It has features that make your life easier such as easy-to-use content editors, and image uploaders. A CMS makes it easy to organise all the content on your website and make changes without any coding knowledge.

They are an ‘all-in-one’ platform package where the hosting, themes, plugins, CMS (content management system), security and caching are all provided. You can pay for either a monthly or yearly subscription. Rocketspark is a New Zealand business, based in Waikato! Where as Squarespace is international.

A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website.

Domain names and web hosting are two different services. But, they work together to make websites possible. A domain name “points” to your website.

You will need to purchase your own domain name, once we are ready to go live, you will need to provide me access to configure your domain.

I’ll either break a website up into 2 or 3 payments. If the project has a fast turn-a-round time, then I’ll invoice a 1/3 deposit before the projects starts, then the final 2/3 on completion. If the project is planned over a long period of time 3  x 1/3 payments.

All of my websites include basic SEO. This includes:

  • Design responsively: Google views your website from mobile perspective over the desktop perspective.
  • 301 redirects: if you’re building a new website we can redirect all your old website links to your new website links to ensure no users get lost. Google recognises 301 redirects, meaning this can help you maintain existing SEO ranking.
  • Sitemaps: these are built for Google’s robots. I’ll submit these to Google to help Google figure out how the website is structured.
  • 404 page: maybe you deleted a page and it’s still listed somewhere on the web. A 404 page will help this issue. Instead of having an ugly error page, we will design a friendly page apologising for the page no longer being available and kindly remind the user to head back to your homepage.
  • Alt tags: This is text to describe an image on your website, this is a fallback in case the images breaks or disappears.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics won’t directly improve your site, but we can gather information on how visitors are using your site and try to improve future experiences.

Organic vs paid reach: The above points are elements of your website that can improve organic SEO. Organic SEO means it’s free. You can always fast-track your SEO using Google Adwords which is a paid service. While I don’t specialise in Google Adwords, I’m happy to recommend companies who do. 

My strength lies in design and development, meaning unfortunately I’m not a copy writer or photographer. I’m happy to recommend experts in these fields or you can provide your own website content. I will format, style and layout your content ensuring it is easy to read and follow (and it’ll look great too!).


Google trends find top keywords relative to New Zealand. Using the keyword research we can help optimise your URLs, meta titles, and descriptions to suit your organisation 

SEO Copywriting

Unfortunately I’m not a ‘copywriter’. While I can help your website technical aspects for SEO, I don’t ‘write for SEO’. I’m happy to recommend experts in this field though. Here’s a website to help with content

Royalty free stock photos: